Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Historical vs. Modern Home Decor

I’ve always viewed home décor as a window into my personality. Each lampshade, piece of furniture, or wall hanging is a reflection of my values, likes and dislikes, mood, and more. For this reason I’ve always struggled when choosing my home items, since it seems that there is never a theme that is quite as complex as I am. One of the biggest areas in which internal conflict arises is whether I should select historical home décor or modern.

Antiques and vintage items bring a personality all their own into the home, and when you find some that reflect your own personality as well it can be truly special. History has its place in the home, and these items can muster up nostalgia and sweet remembrances of times long forgotten. The sentimental value of historical-style items, even those that are merely replicas or incorporate the idea of historical design, cannot be ignored.

On the other hand, modern designs offer a clean, simple look. They can help you to feel trendy and sleek, and can really reflect who you are in the present. Modern décor is constantly changing and evolving, and thus it’s even easier to find pieces that suit your home and style perfectly.

Perhaps the best homes incorporate aspects of both vintage and contemporary design into one unique space. Here, tips for bringing historical elements into the home can help to alleviate the internal strife caused by forcing a decision between the two styles. A modern home with historical elements or a vintage home with pieces of contemporary décor added in is the perfect way to uniquely adapt your home to the unique you. Be sure to find a Chicago financial advisor before making any large purchases to make sure that you can financially afford your historical or modern home decor.