Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding Ways to Get Back In Shape

Weight Watchers - Strawberry Smoothie Bar
Weight Watchers - Strawberry Smoothie Bar (Photo credit: frozenfoodjournal)

I am so curious how other moms get back into shape after having a baby.  This is my second c-section and I must say it is so much harder this time.  I am also started feeding, so I am concerned about losing too quickly and causing a drop in supply.  Plus I am so hungry and exhausted all the time. Just the way my body responds I guess!

I am not one of those lucky ones who lose weight quickly after a baby.  I am in my thirties so it seems like losing weight is so much harder.  I know people who are fanatical about losing weight and do extreme things to lose weight.  I guess I don’t have the desire to not eat for days or energy to work out once everyone is asleep.  I eat pretty well but I am a sucker for sweets so I think that is my downfall.  I have considered Weight Watchers but I am not much of a point counter.  

Currently I am walking several times a week but I am at a standstill.  I have not been able to wake up and run in the mornings since I am still waking up several times a night with my infant.  Also, I have only been able to fit in the occasional workout during nap time because I reserve that time for showering, cleaning, laundry, or even blogging. Finding time is certainly the hardest thing at the moment!

So what have you other moms done to get back into shape post pregnancy?

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